Creating Thriving Communities

We have access to 300 consultants in architecture, health and medicine, urban planning and development, government, finance, technology, and more from over a dozen different countries


We develop projects, programs and communities dedicated to sustainable solutions for the long-term economic viability of citizens.


This includes life-long education and learning in areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), entrepreneurship, small business growth, and job development

Brian Alston, Principal

Businessman, Humanitarian, Professor,Counselor, Minister




Thriving Sustainable Communities

Monetary Circulation & Wealth Creation

Relationship Literacy


Moral Intelligence

Neurotheology – The Science of Beliefs



2011 - 2013 Walden University

2001 - 2003 Boston University

1998 - 2001 Hartford Seminary

1987 - 1989 Yale University

1982 - 1986 Amherst College